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LCD/Touch Screen Assembly


 Cracked Glass, No Touch or False Touch Response, Dead Pixels, Blank LCD Display


Battery Replacement


 Unfortunately, your device’s battery won’t last forever. If your battery is draining faster than normal, a replacement battery is usually cheaper than a new phone. Let our expert staff breathe new life into your old electronics


Charging Port


 Charging slow or not at all, only charging with cable in a certain position

 Sync and update errors


Water Damage


 NEXGEN offers liquid damage repair and data recovery solutions!

 Do you have data from old or broken devices that you can’t access? We understand how important personal data from your phone, tablet or laptop can be to your lifestyle, and can reduce the frustration of losing that data.


If your device gets wet, don't wait! For the best chance of a successful repair, follow these suggestions:


 DO: Bring us your device within 24 hours of liquid exposure

 DO: Turn off the device and remove the battery, if possible

 DON’T: Attempt to charge, sync to PC, or continue to use the device


Other Hardware Issues:


 Ear Speaker – only hear calls on speakerphone

 Loud Speaker – phone doesn’t ring or play audio

 Camera(s) not working

 Buttons not responding

 Poor Cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth Connections


Software Concerns


 Device won’t update

 WiFi, Bluetooth or Cellular functions grayed out or not connecting

 Apps crashing or failing to open

 Slow performance

 Data backup, recovery, and transfer